Why You Need To Try Splendid Spoon’s Plant-based Meal Service – A Honest Review (Plus: $25 Off!)

Here, we provide an honest Splendid Spoon review. Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal and smoothie subscription service focused on providing wholesome, easy, and healthy meals on-the-go. Plus: You can get $25 off on your first delivery!

“Busy can be healthy.”

That’s Splendid Spoon’s motto, and they had me at “busy.”

I’ve been receiving the Splendid Spoon Breakfast + Lunch plan for a few months now, and I love it.

I started using Splendid Spoon because I was looking for quick, easy, and healthy meal plan options. I work a lot, and have long days. Breakfast and lunch are pretty much impossible for me unless I meal prep, which I don’t always have time for.

Before Splendid Spoon, I usually ended up skipping breakfast and ordering Uber Eats for lunch and having a #SadDeskLunch.

Now, I can just grab a smoothie from the fridge before a meeting and heat up a nourishing grain bowl or soup for lunch in minutes.

Here’s an honest review of Splendid Spoon and their meals, with $25 off to try them yourself.

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I really love Splendid Spoon. It’s convenient, healthy, and the customer service has been wonderful. They also have a great community and even a private Facebook group, Spoon Crew, which is highly interactive and helpful.

At first, I did think Splendid Spoon was on the expensive side, but I have come to realize it’s definitely worth the price. More on pricing below.

I have been very happy with the quality and taste of my soups and smoothies. Sure, I don’t love every single flavor I’ve tried, but you can mark that so you never get that flavor again. You can 100% choose and customize your smoothies and meals for every delivery.

Splendid Spoon offers over 40 smoothie and meal options and three different plans.



Breakfast + Lunch | 5 smoothies + 5 bowls (grain bowls and/or soups) per week; $95/week.

Lunch | 5 bowls (grain bowls and/or soups) per week; $65/week.

Breakfast + Lunch + Reset | 5 smoothies, 5 bowls + 1 full-day reset per week; $135/week.


Pricing for Splendid Spoon’s meal subscriptions range from $65 to $135 per week, as noted above. This makes meals between $9-$13 per meal. You get the biggest bang for your buck by choosing the Breakfast + Lunch + Reset plan ($9/meal) or the Breakfast + Lunch plan ($9.50/meal).

You’ll also earn Loyalty Points for your orders, giving you a nice discount once you reach 25 points. You receive points for ordering (5 points or $5 per $100) and for referring a friend (25 points or $25 per friend). And don’t forget about our $25 off discount!


The “Reset” is as it sounds, a full day of resetting with five light soups. You will eat a soup for every meal of your day. This is a soup detox, but each of the soups have plenty of texture and are designed to make you feel full. You shouldn’t feel hungry during the reset day, and the soups are delicious (Butternut Turmeric, Cauliflower Potato Chowder, Fennel Consomme, Parsnip Apple Puree, and Pumpkin Pear Bisque).

You can do the reset once a week, once a month, or as needed. You can read more about it and the benefits here.


So delicious. You’re probably not going to love every single flavor, but you can customize and easily mark to avoid any smoothie or bowl you don’t like. I wouldn’t give a good Splendid Spoon review if it didn’t taste good, as that’s the most important part, right?

Splendid Spoon also has new and seasonal options that come out every few months.

My favorite smoothies are: Matcha Green (I sometimes order 2-3 of these at once I love them so much!), Blueberry Coconut, Chocolate Cherry, Blackberry Basil, Carrot Ginger Chia, Raspberry Cocao, and Banana Flax. I pretty much love all of the smoothies, with the exception of Orange Hibiscus (don’t care for the flavor) and Pumpkin Spice (which I got tired of quick).

My favorite bowls are: Lemon Wild Rice and Broccoli, Aloo Gobi Quinoa, Kabocha Congee, Brown Rice Taco Bowl, Green Split Pea, Chana Potato Stew, Broccoli Hempseed, and Red Lentil Dal.

Common ingredients you’ll find in many smoothies are pea protein, nut butters, spices, flax or chia seeds, and cocao. Common ingredients found in the bowls are quinoa, lentils, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, ginger, spices, butternut squash, beans, greens, nuts, seeds, and coconut milk.


Each Splendid Spoon smoothie and bowl is 2 servings. It is recommended to enjoy the full two servings as a meal or one serving (half the bottle/bowl) as a snack.

Many people stretch out their Splendid Spoon meals as well by adding grains or extra to their meals and splitting each bowl into two meals that way. For example, I’ll split the Beans and Greens into two lunches by serving it over some brown rice and topping with avocado.

Smoothies are lower in sugar and range from 85 to 190 calories per serving. Bowls tend to be between 150-200 calories per serving on average. If you want lower calorie bowls or are trying to make Splendid Spoon work while following Weight Watchers (more on that below), stick to the broth and vegetable-based soups such as Butternut Squash Ratatouille (60 calories/serving), Zucchini Puttanesca (80 calories/serving), and Garden Minestrone (90 calories/serving).


Absolutely. A smoothie for breakfast and bowl for lunch keeps me satisfied, full, and energized until dinner. If you are not finding your meals filling, you can add grains, beans, healthy fats, or additional veggies to them.

While investing in Splendid Spoon, it’s best to practice mindful eating and keep your body fueled with healthy meals and choices. Everyone is different, so what works for someone else may not work for you. Listen to your body and add in healthy snacks or in-between meals as needed. Sometimes I’m so full after eating half a bowl at lunch I’ll save the rest for another meal. Other times, I’m starving after lunch and I’ll whip up a protein shake or make a snack of apples with almond butter or veggies and hummus, or pair my soup or grain bowl with a side salad.


You actually can order seven smoothies and seven bowls per week, if you’d like. This option will be under your account and Edit Your Plan.

I just use Splendid Spoon Monday through Friday because I work 8-7pm. On weekends, I make balanced choices and also give myself the room to enjoy brunch, date nights, sushi, take-out, pizza, dinners out, and plenty of bubbly and wine. It’s about balance!

Some people use their Splendid bowls for dinner and make a bigger lunch instead. It really depends on if you prefer light dinners or if you have the time to cook dinner at home. There’s no right or wrong way to use Splendid Spoon, just make sure you’re getting enough calories and sustenance per day. I usually meal prep on the weekends. Splendid Spoon has a great Pinterest board with healthy dinner ideas!


Yes. As noted above, Splendid Spoon meals are full of fiber, protein, and good-for-you ingredients. They are plant-based and loaded with seasonal vegetables, legumes, whole grains, healthy fats, and antioxidant foods.


With focusing on nutritious plant-based meals and limiting highly processed foods, weight loss typically follows. Many have lost weight with the help of Splendid Spoon, but the important part is making smart and healthy choices long-term.


Yes! Smoothies are between 3-7 points per serving and bowls are between 2-10.

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